Living the Paranormal Life

par • a • nor •  mal


denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding

Oxford dictionary

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     We all have different talents and gifts. Some of us have the ability to paint the Sistine Chapel while others of us struggle to draw a stick figure. Some have Michelin star restaurants while others of us can barely boil water without burning it. These are a couple of examples of "normal" life.

     On the other side of the coin, is the "paranormal". This can include things such as having a hunch that comes true, seeing a ghost, or hearing someone call your name when nobody else is around. It's a vast field that encompasses many subjects. ESP, cryptozoology, UFOs, fairies, and many religious experiences come under this blanket term for things our known level of science doesn't yet have solid peer reviewed proof of. However, it is interesting to note that governments around the world are studying "high strangeness" phenomena, giving it credence in spite of the limited scientific evidence that we're familiar with. 


     My life is a wonderful combination of normal and paranormal. I'm blessed with amazing children and grand-children who continually inspire me to be my authentic self. I have several hobbies, and have had a lifelong passion for helping people understand that we are spiritual beings at our core.


     My first memory of high strangeness goes back to when I was a toddler, I was gifted my first set of Tarot cards as a teenager and began studying parapsychology in earnest at that time, and my passion for helping others reach for their highest spiritual self continues to grow with each new day. 

     I am an ordained Minister of the Universal Life church and a 3rd level Reiki master, as well as a claircognizant and budding chocolatier. A few of my other accomplishments, so far, are master in crochet, self-taught artist, certified seamstress, and one of my proudest achievements is passing a short course in Astrobiology through Harvard University's EdX online school. I am equally left- and right-brained, able to balance science and the arts. 

     As wonderful as I now choose to view my life, it hasn't always been easy. The hard times have been some of my greatest teachers, though. They were preparing me to be of even greater service to others, without judgment or prejudice, so that I can now be of service to you. 

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With gratitude, 

   ~ Corinne